Tips – Mixing Methods


When making a sponge cake, what mixing method do you use – Creaming or all in one?

Personally, I tend to just follow whatever method the recipe states – some call for creaming but others all in one. Does anyone find that one works better for them than the other?

I’ve found that in Mary Berry recipes she generally goes for the all in one method. I can see the appeal – its much easier to put all the ingredient in in one go than adding them one at a time. The risk here is that you mix for too long – it should only be mixed long enough for all the ingredients to be combined, say 2-3 minutes with an electric mixer.

If you are creaming the butter and sugar first this will take longer and the key is to look out for changes in the appearance of the ingredients. The mixture will go much lighter when its creamed and will look fluffy but if you beat it too long, you will rich the butter melting and losing the air bubbles. It will help if youΒ make sure the butter isn’t too warm when you start. Add the eggs a little at a time, adding flour as well if you need it, just in case the mixture starts to split. Finally you should fold in the flour either by hand or on a very low speed until just incorporated.

I’ve had issues with both methods before – overbeating and splitting mixture – but equally had some good results.

Like with most things, I think that practice makes perfect and I’ll find the right method which works for me, as will you.



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