Mars Bar Cake


This is a nice easy recipe although I don’t think I would label this as a ‘cake’. I wanted to make something that was relatively quick to make and not too complicated so this was perfect. You could probably swap out the mars bars for a different chocolate bar too – I might try snickers next time! The recipe was from another blogΒ Tales from Ruperts KitchenΒ – the recipe was posted in 2011 and shows how much chocolate bars have shrunk since as I had to use 4 but I was still technically a little short on weight!


  • 180g or about 4 / 5 Mars bars
  • 75g butter
  • 2 tbsp golden syrup
  • 100g puffed rice cereal, e.g. Rice Krispies
  • 300g milk chocolate

Line a 20cm / 8in square tin with cling film or baking paper – I used a silicone one which I had which made removing the ‘cake’ really easy and no need for lining!

Cut up the Mars bars (or other chocolate bars) into small pieces then add them, the butter and golden syrup to a large pan. Melt these over a low heat and keep stirring – don’t turn up the heat as it may burn. The different layers of the Mars bar will melt at different speeds but it still only takes about 5 minutes to all melt together. Β When you are left with a nice glossy chocolate sauce, add the rice cereal and stir together, ensuring all the cereal is coated well.


Tip this into the tin and press it down firmly and evenly then put in the fridge until its firm – this should take about an hour.


When the cereal mixture has set,Β break the milk chocolate into pieces and gently melt in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Once its melted, pour the chocolate over the base and tip the tin to make sure it gets into all the corners and edges then put it back in the fridge to set. When its ready (or you are ready to eat it!) then cut it up into bars or squares – I cut mine into 25 pieces but I thought this was a nice size.


Okay so there was longish setting times for this (although this was no different to putting in the oven and then cooling) but other than that it was really easy to make and definitely enjoyable to eat! It had been at room temperature for a while before eating but this was good as the chocolate had gone a little softer (obviously…) but the bottom layer still held together. I wasn’t sure there was enough melted chocolate for the top layer when I’d poured it on but it was actually a nice ratio. I’ll definitely experiment with different chocolate bars and maybe with different chocolate for the top layer.

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