Baking Order


I don’t normally take orders for cakes but my husband’s colleague was hosting a meeting for a number of clients recently and asked if I could make 5 cakes for the occasion. I tried to choose a couple that weren’t too difficult but still had others which looked a bit more impressive! I’ll admit it was tiring for me at 37 weeks pregnant but I made these over a couple of days and roped my husband in as my assistant!

Apart from one, the Lemon Tray Bake, I’ve made all of these cakes before so the recipes are on my blog already and I’ve linked to these below. Admittedly the piping of the buttercream on my Victoria Sandwich could have been a little better but hey, they are homemade so not a bad thing to look a little rough in parts!



I was really pleased with myΒ Carrot CakeΒ but this has always been one of my favourite cakes to make. I did have to cut some of the top off to level it so I must look to invest in something to try and help the cakes rise more evenly. There was an article I read recently where they tested a few different ways to do this but the best methods were either baking strips / belts or damp cloths pinned to the outside of the tins. These ensure that the outside of the tin stays cooler longer rather than heating up faster than the middle which is what causes the hump – that and probably having an oven that has seen better days!


With theΒ Coffee and Walnut CakeΒ I used stronger coffee this time than when I first made it and, even as someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I still liked the taste with the stronger flavour. Admittedly a full slice of cake may have been a bit much for me but I would have given it a go!


I always enjoy making theΒ Banana and Chocolate LoafΒ as its another easy recipe although I have yet to resolve the issue of all the chocolate chips falling to the bottom of the tin during baking. I’ve put them in two parts – some in the middle and the others on the top or mixed a third in the mixture and the rest on top and even just putting them all on the top but there is always an element of them dropping to the bottom of the loaf! Maybe I will try and melt down half the chips and folding into the cake in a marble effect and putting the other half of chips on the top before baking. Either way, the cake always tastes great!


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